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WCFO is supplier of high performance components and integrated opto-electronics products that touch key optical access markets since we founded in 1997.

     Our products include high quality, intelligence, versatility and high-density optical racks/cabinets, patch panels, transceiver modules, attenuators, adaptors, splitters, couplers, and all kinds of standard and custom cable assemblies which included all kind of fiber optic connector types such as LC, MTRJ and MPO, etc. Our extensive experience in interconnection products, custom designs, integration for advanced technologies and multiple technology platforms effectively reduce manufacturing cost.
  With our reliable product quality and excellent services to meet our customer’s demand.
Improve the comprehensive quality of the employees and their quality of life. Make the contribution for our social harmony and progress.
Make prevention first to reduce pollution continuously;
Use the law as the criterion to satisfy the environment protection requirements;
Improve continuously to create a green enterprise.
Love our work and be professional , serve our courtry with industry , continuous development , contribute to our national and strengthen the national comprehensive.
Hard work , forge ahead with determination, venture eternal , pursue the first class quality forever.
Be particular about science , seeking the truth from facts , and raises our management and technology level.
Employees dedicate for the enterprise , our enterprise return the society 、customers and employees.

 People can send information to anywhere in the world within a few seconds. It is "an age of  borderless", the world became much smaller in the information technology. However, in business,  there is still a huge one. There's a stage with unlimited potential and choices, which makes  us(WCFO) the most of the challenging spirits and creativity.

 We began our business in optic communications in 1996, and soon became an international  corporation. WCFO offers fiber products to customers from all over the world and is famous of the  high quality/price products and high productivity.

 20th century is electronic times and 21st is photon times. Today, each company faces a tickler of  development because of the indefinite prospect and the instable factors in the optic electronic  market. In our opinion, it's not only a challenge but also a chance for us to step forward. As a  latest developing company, we are making a technical operation become more efficiently, and  being sensitive enough to understand the need of our customers. With the precise analysis of the  market, we are sure that we could satisfy our customers.